Octavia Hopwood

biologist, adventurer and television presenter

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Willow - On the Farm

The 5 Deadliest Predators in Shropshire

Octavia has been involved with television production for the last six years, having worked both on and off screen. She's worked as a production researcher on the BBC Science series Wonders of Life and on Bang goes the Theory.


With a passion for inspiring others about the natural world, Octavia has a great on-screen presence and has presented television documentaries, online videos and most recently, was one of the presenters on Bogwatch 2016, which was broadcast live on air.


She's also recently been involved with Bristol, Manchester and Leeds Universities, presenting short films for Unite Students.

In addition Octavia's produced a small series called On the Farm and has been involved with radio broadcast.


Brilliant Britain

Television Showreel 2016



Anatomy in Action pilot