Octavia Hopwood

biologist, adventurer and television presenter

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Growing up surrounded by the rugged Welsh landscape and its fascinating wildlife, Octavia was captivated by the natural world from an early age. Encouraged by her eager parents, she spent much of her childhood exploring the territory around her, sometimes getting into sticky situations just to capture or study a particular creepy crawlie.


Octavia studied zoology and environmental science at Aberystwyth University, and having worked previously as an environment consultant and by volunteering for many years with orginistations such as the RSPB, Wildlife Trust and the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre, she has a wealth of hands-on experience in conservation and environmental management.


Octavia specialises in plants and conservation and as a divemaster, she's spent much time out at sea or under the water to better understand the marine environment and find ways to protect it.  



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