Octavia Hopwood

biologist, adventurer and television presenter

Adventurer and television presenter Octavia Hopwood is a biologist with a passion for wildlife, extreme sports and the great outdoors.


Her passion for the environment, particularly man's influence on the landscape, has led to a lifelong ambition to promote conservation

and  inspire future generations

about the natural world. In addition

to presenting, Octavia also works as

an environmental consultant and landscape scientist and has previously worked as an Editorial Assistant.

Whats in the News?

Octavia Has been working with the Media Trust to produce an Episode of Brilliant Britain which features some inspiring projects taking place in her home county of Shropshire; including carnivorous plants, football matches hosted by prison inmates, music from up and coming band Fight the Bear and a fascinating feature by one of Community Channel's familiar faces - the Bald Explorer.


We're heading back to the countryside of Shropshire as Octavia prepares her new series 'On the Farm', which documents the day to day living of a smallholding on the Welsh Borders.

To catch up and follow the rest of the series, subscribe to Octavia's YouTube channel!